About Us

The Trending Model and Approach

If you are like most people, buying or selling a home is the biggest financial transaction of your life. When the time comes, you want to maximize your savings instead of throwing away thousands of dollars to agents. The problem is that most real estate agents charge inflated commissions based on an unjustified model designed to maximize their own profit instead of yours.  At Trending, we understand that it’s your money and our goal is to help you keep it.

For sellers, we charge only a 1% commission for the sale of a home. Trending uses a combination of traditional methods and smart innovative tools to ensure maximum exposure for your home. With Trending, you’ll get all the benefits of a full-service brokerage for a fraction of the cost.

If you are a buyer looking for a home, Trending will help you search and identify properties that meet your criteria.  We’ll be with you at showings, attend all inspections, and negotiate with the other side. Best of all, we’ll give you back 1% of the total sales price.*

For both buyers and sellers, Trending handles all the paperwork from the initial offer to close of escrow and every transaction is reviewed by a California licensed attorney. We are there every step of the way to ensure that the entire process is organized, transparent, and smooth.

Why should I use a Trending agent?

At Trending, we think that the typical 6% total commission charged by most agents is excessive and unfair to both buyer and seller. Many sellers still pay a 6% commission because they think that this “standard” rate is set in stone. That is a common but costly misconception, and one that affects both parties since the commission is “built in” to the total price ultimately paid by the buyer.

Our mission at Trending is to change the old model by charging sellers only a 1% listing commission and giving buyers a 1% rebate, while providing top-notch service.



*No buyer rebate on transactions in which Trending represents both buyer and seller